AMS Neve: 88RS (60 channel, 13 stem, 6 mix bus; with automation; includes Remote Patch Bay)

Control Surface

Avid: MC Control
Avid: MX Mix
Avid: S3


Bryston: 4B (3) (Amplfier for Stereo Cues, Powers Control Room Nearfields (NS-10M, etc))
JL Audio: f113-SATIN (2)
Yamaha: NS-10M


Apple Macintosh: Mac Pro 3.5 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon 32GB 1866Mhz DDR3 RAM (3)

Compressors/ Gates

API: 2500
Chandler : TG1
Crane Song, Ltd: STC-8 Compression/Limiter
Empirical Labs: EL8-X Distressor (2)
Neve: 33609/J
SSL: G-Comp
Summit: TLA-100A
Universal Audio: 1176LN Classic Leveler (2)
Universal Audio: LA-2A Teletronix Limiter
Universal Audio: LA-3A (2)

EQs/ Pre-Amps

API: 512c (2)
API: 550b (2)
API: 560 (2)
GML: 8200
Millennia: STT-1
Tube-Tech: PE-1C
Universal Audio: 6176 (2)


Bricasti Design: Model 7 System 3 - Digital Reverb W/Remote
Lexicon: PCM-42 (2)
Tech 21: Sansamp

Microphones Direct Boxes

AEA: R84
AKG: C-414 B-XL II (6)
AKG: C451B (2)
AKG: D-112
Audio Technica: 4041 (2)
Audio Technica: AT4060 (2)
Audio Technica: ATM 250
Audix: D6
Avalon: Avalon U5 DI
Beyer: M-160 (2)
Beyer: M201-TG
Beyer: M88-TG
Brauner: VMA Tube Microphone
Coles: 4038 Ribbon (2)
Countryman: Type 85 (3)
DPA: 4006C Omni (6)
DPA: 4011C Cardioid (6)

Microphones Direct Boxes (cont.)

Electro-Voice: RE-20
Neumann: KM184 pair (2)
Neumann: M-149 Tube (3)
Neumann: TLM170R (6)
Neumann: U47 FET
Neumann: U87 ai w/mount (4)
Radial: JDI Passive DI box (6)
Royer: R-121 (8)
Royer: R-122 (2)
Sanken: CO-100 Omni - wshockmounts (4)
Schoeps: CMC6 w/Cardiod and Omni Capsules (4)
Schoeps: MK4 Cardioid Capsule (8)
Sennheiser: e902
Sennheiser: MD 421 (4)
Sennheiser: MKH40 (2)
Shure: Beta 52
Shure: KSM 44 (2)
Shure: SM-57 (8)
Shure: SM-58 (2)
Shure: SM-7B
Yamaha: SKRM-100 Subkick

Amps/ Instruments

Ampeg: BA115HP Bass Amp
Marshall: 1960A 4x12 Cabinet
Marshall: JCM800 2203
Roland: JC-120
Steinway: Concert Grand Piano Model D
Swart: Space Tone Tweed guitar amp
Vox : AC30c2 Combo Guitar Amp (2)
Yamaha: Motif XF8 synth


Avid: HD MADI IO (3) (Directly connects 128 channels of ProTools I/O to the Systems 5 DSP core)
Avid: Pro Tools HD IO Interface (7)

Cue Devices

Aviom: A16D (2) (Aviom cue network distribution)
Aviom: A16II (13) (personal mixer)
Aviom: AN16I (input module)
Beyer: DT-102 (25) (headphones - single-sided)
Beyer: DT-770 Pro 80 OHM (25) (Headphones - cue)
Redco: Cue Box (14)

Routing Devices

BSS: London BLU-160


Antelope Audio: Isochrone OCX (Large CR Room Master Clock)
Avid: Sync HD (3) (Timecode interface for ProTools)
Brainstorm: SR-112 Timecode Distripalyzer

Video Devices

dVision: 30 series (LCD Digital Multimedia Projector)
OPPO Digital: BDP-95 (blu-ray/dvd with decoders)
Sharp: LC-60E88UN
Stewart: 4-Way Screenwall Electrimask; fixed, 100in diagonal (projection screen)
tv one: MX6388 HDMI Matrix Switcher